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FreeDAO is making DAOs accessible to everyone.

FreeDAO is creating DAO tools that easily allow any group or organisation to setup and launch truly democratic DAOs, without need to worry about launching your own token. 


By offering true democracy, FreeDAO's tools keeps the legal complexities of potentially issuing a Security—a highly important legal decision—out of the way for new organisations that wish to leverage the power of DAOs to organise talent and capital in a unified direction.


FreeDAO is designed to allow any DAO to create hubs of DAOs—sub-departments, partnerships and more.

Our tools give DAOs superpowers by being easy to use and onboard, as well as templates for DAOs to mirror and interface with traditional entity structures.

Unique types of democratic governance can help organisations be more streamlined and efficient with natural leaders rising to the top—while being fully accountable at all times.

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We DAO what other DAOs Don't

True Democracy

99% of all DAOs use token holdings to vote, with most ending up as plutocracies where the rich rule.  FreeDAO allows one person = one vote for true democracy.

No Gas Fees

Leveraging the Proton blockchain and the Dfinity Internet Computer, your members don't need to worry about paying gas fees for every vote, like, or transaction.

Freeos Funded

DAOs built with FreeDAOs tools get to leverage the Freeos Economic DAO, with grants, community contributions, and crypto earnings to generate a thriving ecosystem.


Get Ready for Launch!

Our tools are being built, but we're happy to let you know when they are ready for launch.

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