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FreeDAO is building decentralised tools for collaboration & freedom.



Freeos is a self governed cooperative income project, on the blockchain. Effectively, one can join the ecosystem, and can vote on economic decisions (inflation, fees, distribution, etc.) for the currency, thus enabling stewardship and creating a stable supplementary income.


Freeos' improvements to other experiments in crypto-UBIs is the ability to directly vote on the economy and to provide enough economic tools that intend to allow the users to trend the economy towards price stability—in terms of consensual purchasing power, not just pegged to fiat.


This democratic, crowd-driven quality is essential to providing a reliable, ongoing, stable crypto-income.  The uncanny power of how effective mass "wisdom-of-the-crowd" dynamics work is key to this concept.


FreeDAO exists to build collaborative tools that engender greater freedoms in human society. We exist to create digital "commons" that can be utlised by as many people as possible to enrich human life in ways that do not yet exist.



Founder—Systems Design Lead

Jerome brings 20 years of systems and software design, and product management to the team. A proponent of free and open societies, direct democracy, gift economies and systems design, Jerome founded FreeDAO as an unstoppable service to bring new tools that can enhance human freedoms.



Co-founder—Onboarding & Strategy Operations

An executive leader, entrepreneur, investor and coach, Jerome Hartigan brings decades of business strategy, keynote speaking and governance experience to the team. A former Olympic athlete with a keen understanding of effective team and group dynamics, he brings his passion for people to ensure FreeDAO brings sustainable success for those that service it, and for those that it services.


Dan Kimball

Freedom Evangelist

A serial entrepreneur and long-time proponent of increased sustainability and freedom in our world's systems and governance structures, Dan brings his connections to other like-minded thought leaders to the team. A former friend and colleague of Buckminister Fuller, Dan helps ensure that FreeDAO is aligned with the principles, Mr. Fuller conveyed, including "You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”


Tom McCann

Senior Architect & Developer

An IT veteran, Tom McCann has been directly involved in the emergence of networking (Digital, Ethernet, and DecNet), the PC revolution (Lotus), Groupware and Internet (Lotus Notes). Passionate about the fields of blockchain, machine learning and AI, Tom has developed his own neural network, genetic algorithms, and smart contracts. 

Tom has provided strategic and technical services for the likes of IBM, HSBC and PwC towards FinTech solutions.


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